“Why Runks, Why” – March 21, 2010

Join me now for a little recap of my crazy life on the road I like to call, “Why Runks, Why.”

-Freedom Weekend 2010 for Lifepointe church in Glen Carbon, IL.

-First DiscipleNow the church has ever had.

-It was really fun & funny watching the students and adults wrestle with the -new to them- Dnow lingo like food coordinator, host homes, and time-away cards.

-Spending more quality time with more students because of the smaller size of the group.

-Working with and getting to know the guys in the band The Great Romance.

-Working with students that don’t live in the “bible-belt.”

-Seeing several students and adults give their lives to Jesus!

-Getting ridiculously lost on a Starbucks run because of a lying Iphone gps and a girl that doesn’t know the difference between North and South!

-Reconnecting with my old friend Bobby Robbins.

-Working with Student Pastor, Kyle Parker, and his wife, Emily, who were both students at some of my events when they were teenagers.

-And last but not least… A perfect shot of a priceless youth ministry moment



Why Why Runks, Why???


God Bless Y’all – Runks

“Why Runks, Why”

One of my former interns, Dylan Hope, used to greet me when I came off stage with a funny little recap of my message he liked to call, “Why Runks, Why.” Sometimes it was serious, sometimes it was hilarious but it was always fun and every once in a while it was productive. So I’ve decided to bring a revamped version of “Why Runks, Why” to the Runks.com experience by expanding it from a recap of a few minutes on stage to a recap of my events and experiences on the road.

So join me now for the first installment of a little recap of my crazy life on the road I like to call, “Why Runks, Why.” – March 14, 2010

-Cross Training Weekend • First Baptist Church • West Memphis, AR

-Wanting to cancel and stay home with Nick after his car wreck last week.

-Going anyway because I knew God wanted me to.

-Ministering to two students dealing with some deeply painful junk and leading them from hopelessness to hope.

-Making a “quick” Starbucks run with the seniors that turned into a trip to another state and an encounter with a gangbanger fond of inappropriate gestures.

-Student Pastor Matt Neyman a.k.a. “Cracka Wit Attitude”

-Crosstraining man????

-Taking care of business with a quick trip to Graceland on the way to the airport.

-A bunch of teens getting saved!

-God moving powerfully. Students ministering to students in the most genuine way I think I’ve ever seen!

-Sharing with parents about Nick’s wreck and challenging them to love on their teens and never take them for granted.

I can’t wait to see what God does next week!!

God Bless Y’all – Runks