Runks most requested sermon series are:

Live Weak – II Corinthians 12:10

A series of messages designed to equip students to experience the power of God in their weakest moments including Runks’ story of abuse, addiction, & freedom.

Your students will:

-learn to battle their weakness in God’s strength and not their own.

-grasp that managing weakness on their own only leads to further frustrations.

-learn that depending on God in weak moments leads to power in powerlessness.

-discover compassion for those who struggle and learn to love them as Christ does.

-understand that sin only brings temporary escape but Jesus brings ultimate satisfaction.

-be empowered to live for Christ.


Free to Live – II Corinthians 5:17

A series of messages designed to motivate students to live in response to what Christ has done with a challenge to live the balance between freedom and responsibility.

Your students will:

-grasp their identity in Christ as a Child of God

-learn to live in response to what Christ has done.

-understand the responsibility that comes with freedom in Christ.

-stop seeing the Christian life as something they have to do.

-start seeing the Christian life as something they’ve been set free to do.

-stop being paralyzed by guilt and start being motivated by Grace.


I Have a Reason – I Peter 3:15

A series of messages proving the truth of Christianity using apologetic evidence with a challenge to know the Truth, defend the Truth, and live the Truth.

Your students will:

-leave knowing what they believe and why they believe it.

-never again have to doubt that what they believe is the truth.

-be equipped to share their faith, not as one truth but as the Truth.

-grasp the importance of knowing the truth and living the truth.

Runks sermon series can easily be tailored to fit any event format and will challenge and inspire students as well as adults to engage their minds and go deeper in their knowledge of the truth.

  • Kristi Phillips Hasty

    Is your “I Have a reason” message still available on CD? I had a copy of it about 10 years ago but gave it to a friend and never got it back. I now have teenagers and would love them to hear it.

  • katelyn willey

    Hi Runks my name is Katelyn Willey.I saw your sermon at alive in November 2014.I have ADHD it is very hard to deal with.