Check out what people are saying about Runks

“Runks is one if the most uniquely gifted communicators of the gospel out there. He skillfully combines humor, relevance and straight Bible in a way that challenges and changes students. It is evident that God has intentionally and uniquely equipped him to lead and speak to students in a way that leads to life change.”

Clint Ivy – Minister of Students – Prestonwood Baptist Church – Plano, Texas

“Runks was such a great person to have at our camp.  He makes himself available to the kids and brings the message of Jesus in such a way that all our students listen.  They thoroughly enjoyed him and we saw many come to Jesus.  I was so glad to work with someone who was easy to get along with and wasn’t a “diva”.  Runks is a speaker who understands what youth ministers are working to accomplish and then he jumps in and works with them!”

Grant T. Byrd, D.Ed.Min.-Uth Guy-First Baptist McKinney, Texas

“The cornerstone we stand by at Super Summer is that 1. Jesus must be preeminent and 2. the Word of God must be preached.  Runks nailed it on both counts and that is why we are having him back next year!”

Terry “T-Mack” McIlvain
Youth Evangelism Director – Kansas/Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists

“Runks is one of my favorite communicators because this guy is REAL and Students LOVE him.  Not only does he CONNECT but he has an ability to cause Students to THINK, and not just to THINK but to ACT upon what he have been hearing and encountering thru RUNKS.”

Robbie Robison – Youth Communicator 

“Runks brought the Word!  He served with a humble heart and was very flexible to work within Super Summer’s demanding schedule. The students connected with him on and off the stage as his love for Christ and teenagers was evident.    His transparency and boldness as a preacher were refreshing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others.”

Leighton Flowers
Youth Evangelism Director – Baptist General Convention of Texas

“Runks brings his personal story and the redeeming love of Jesus to life in a very real way. Our students immediately engaged with Runks and he led them to the throne! I appreciate his humor and ability to communicate to the hurting and to those that feel alone. He motivated our students to be more like Christ! His interaction with our students when he was not on stage was great and our students loved that they could actually talk to him. Two Thumbs Up!”

Dustin Sams
Student Pastor – Second Baptist Church – Conway, Arkansas

“Runks stories draw kids in, his authenticity exemplifies God’s grace and mercy, and his love for the Word of God is refreshing!  My students can’t get enough of him!”

Heather Flies
Junior  High Pastor – Wooddale Church – Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Youth Specialties C.O.R.E. Training Team

“Runks is a 6’6”, red-headed, A.D.H.D. kid magnet whose message has the humor of a stand-up comedian and the depth of a theologian.”

Paul Mints
Lead Pastor – The Community at Lakeridge – Cedar Hill, Texas

“I have known Runks for 18 years.  I know him to be uniquely gifted to communicate with the students of the day.  Runks has an engaging way of sharing the Gospel that really makes kids want to listen and hear the Gospel.  I know of no one who is more capable of sharing the Gospel with coming generations.  He is one who acts with integrity in his ministry and responsibility in dealing with churches and students.  I recommend him whole-heartedly.”

Steve Vernon, D.Min.
Associate Executive Director – Baptist General Convention of Texas

“Runks is ‘Crazy with Content’! I had the great privilege of co-pastoring a camp with Runks and was blessed by his heart for God and students. He is hilarious, but his humor is utilized as a tool to effectively communicate to students. If you do not know Runks, invest the time to get to know him. You will be blessed.”

Casey CeaseCommunicator – Executive Director – Transform Ministries

“Runks has a story to tell.  It is the story of true rescue and redemption.   Runks will connect with your students immediately.  Not just with his humor, but because his story hits home with so many.  God is using Runks in a powerful way to reach students all over this country.   Do not hesitate to bring Runks to your event!”

Chris Clayton – Worship Leader/Producer/Songwriter – Fort Worth, TX

“At Fuse Week Runks captivated the attention of our students with his energy and excitement. Runks’ heart for the Gospel is clearly seen from the platform and in how he interacts with students off the platform. Personally I am confident that every message Runks brings will be Gospel-centered and engaging.”

Russell Boone
Director of High School Ministries – Henderson Hills Baptist Church – Edmond, Oklahoma

“When the game is on the line, you send in your best to get the win. Runks is ‘that guy.’  I cannot have him at a youth function without knowing that when the function is over, the students as well as the adults, will demand my ‘life’ if I don’t have him back! He delivers every time, to every individual, in every way possible.  If you want to have the best encounter with your students, better have Runks on your team.”

Ed Lowe – Student Minister – Retta Baptist Church – Burleson, Texas

“If you’re just looking for a speaker who’s funny, engaging and will keep the attention of an audience, then Runks is not your guy. However, if you want the funny and engaging, plus the authenticity of the Word of God preached, then Runks is your guy! One thing I love about Runks is he has experienced real struggle in life, has humbled himself before God, and allowed the Holy Spirit to take him on a journey of healing? His story is captivating. His preaching is powerful. His life is authentic. I highly recommend Runks whether it’s youth camps, revivals, retreats, etc. God is using Runks to preach the Gospel and produce life transformation.”

Darren Tidwell – Lead Pastor – LifePoint Church – League City, Texas

“I have had Runks come and speak to youth and college students since 2000. His heart for God and unique and relative speaking style connects with teens and young adults alike.”

Tommy Foster
Associate Pastor Student ministry – Hillcrest Baptist Church -Dallas, Texas

“Runks continues to be today’s premiere communicator for students. His humor and energy quickly opens the door for students to hear the gospel. Adults love his maturity in handling difficult life situations which includes Runks’ powerful story of hope and healing.Student Pastors everywhere know Runks not just as a communicator,  but as someone they can call a friend. Runks will get to know you and your students and all will be challanged by his ministry.” 

John Cowling
Student Pastor – Park Hill Baptist – North Little Rock, Arkansas

“Runks is very charismatic, outgoing, dynamic, and deep in his speaking!! He has a very creative way of drawing teens and adults in with his life experiences. God uses Runks in a very powerful and unique way to impact people for Christ. I would highly recommend Runks as a speaker, he is great to work with and has a servants heart.”

Dennis Rohlmeier
Student Pastor – Shepherd of the Hills Church – Canyon Lakes, Texas

“Runks is one of my favorite people.  He is authentic & refreshing.  People see through facade.  This is why Runks is used in such powerful ways by God.  He comes with a sincere heart for Jesus and people, and brings honesty with him.  You will be blessed by Runks as a person, and as a preacher.”
John Sherrill – Worship Leader – 220 Ministries“Through humor, authenticity and personal interaction, Runks brought our weekend to a whole new level.  Our students will not forget the time they had with Runks or his crazy stories.  The cool thing is that the stories are unforgettable because Runks uses them to share the truths of the Gospel and the power of Jesus.  Runks connects with the entire audience!”
John Roach – Student Pastor – New Beginnings Baptist Church – Longview, Texas

“Runks will keep your student’s attention with humor and real-life stories that they can relate too.  They will be challenged to grow in their faith, to allow God’s healing of their emotional pain, and live the abundant life God has planned for them.  We will definitely have Runks back again”

Wayne Davis
Executive Director – Plains Baptist Camp & Retreat Center – Floydada, Texas

“Runks did an AMAZING job at our DNOW this past Spring!  He is that rare mix of high energy, attention grabbing entertainer and deep, theologically sound, challenging teacher of Scripture.  This is a very difficult combination to find in a speaker…there are many gifted entertainers that students connect with on an emotional level and there are many gifted teachers that students connect with on an intellectual level but very few who can pull off both with the level of excellence that Runks manages and neither aspect is sacrificed or compromised for the sake of the other.  Our students are still talking about DNOW seven months later and many of them have said that weekend was a turning point in their lives as followers of Jesus Christ. As a staff member I was impressed with Runk’s genuineness as well.  He was the same kind hearted, Jesus loving off stage, away from the kids as he was when in front of them.  It was a true pleasure serving with him and we have already booked him to be our DNOW speaker this upcoming year as well.  When we announced this to our students they nearly blew the roof off of our student building…they are PUMPED!”

Kevin Buie
Next Generations Pastor – First Baptist Church - Forney, Texas

“My name is Mark Foor, and I am a fulltime missionary working for Central Pennsylvania Youth Ministries. We have had the pleasure of having Runks as our speaker at our Impact youth event, held in Harrisburg, Pa., twice. Runks has been such a blessing to our event and to all in attendance. Not only is he a great, funny guy, but he relates to the teens. We have had a lot of speakers at our event, and Runks is one that grabs the attention of the teens and holds it all the way through his message. If you are youth worker, you know how difficult that is to accomplish! His messages are biblical, God-centered, and full of God’s truth. The kids love him because of the way he delivers his mesage. He draws them in with hysterical personaltiy, and then hits them with the truth. It is always something that they all can relate to, and he conveys the message of God’s grace, forgiveness and love in a unique and inspiring way. Runks also always takes the time to hang with the kids after and between sessions. He is there to build relationships with the teens, and to answer questions the teens might have. I personally wish we could have him every year because my kids love him so much, and they always seem to get something new from his message, or from talking to him one on one. So, if you are looking for a speaker for your youth event, that is funny, relatable, attention holding, gives the teens the truth from God’s word, and from his own life experiences, Runks is the guy for you. He has been such a great blessing to our ministry and to our kids. I know he will be a blesssing to you and your event.”

Mark Foor
Central Pennsylvania Youth Ministries

“Runks is a master craftsman at telling stories woven with Biblical truth.  Runks’ humor, honesty and authenticity help him connect with high schoolers.  When young people see they are not alone in their struggles then they respond to the only complete answer, Jesus, and Runks knows how to lead them there each time he talks.”
Jason Wilkie
Executive Director – Camp Siloam – Siloam Springs, Arkansas

“Runks is a great communicator who helps students connect the truths of Scripture to their everyday life.  He uses high energy, humor, and personal life stories to engage, challenge, and equip students to grow in their faith and walk consistently with Jesus.”

Dusty Brewer
Student Pastor – The Church at Canyon Creek – Austin, Texas

“Runks is an energetic speaker that knows how to captivate his audience.  What I especially love about Runks is that when he speaks to students he gets on their level making them laugh one minute and then right back to a serious point that impacts a student’s life in the next.  I love working with Runks and know that students love hearing him speak as much as they love hanging out with him when he’s not on stage.”
Jeff Johnson – Worship leader – Jeff Johnson Ministries

“Runks related incredibly well with our students at Falls Creek. His messages were well prepared, well delivered and well received. Our students connected with him immediately.”

James Lankford

Student Ministry and Evangelism Specialist – Falls Creek Program Director

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

“Runks is a fiery, theologically sound, stand-up comedian that our students paid attention to and loved. He did a fantastic job of teaching our students last night. We had over 20 decisions for Christ!”

Tyler Hicks

Student Minister

Central Baptist Church – Clovis, New Mexico

“Runks undeniable love for Christ and passion for teens blows up the room.  His desire to lead teens to Christ through a relevant, humorous approach is unmatched by any youth communicator I have ever had the privilege of worshipping with.  He gets teens, and teens get him… that is a good combination.”

Danny Phillips

Youth Pastor

First Baptist Church – Baytown, Texas

“Runks combines awesome energy with a powerful message that the Lord uses to impact students of this generation.  My students love Runks and reference the times we have been blessed to have him as a speaker.  Runks gets two thumbs up from this youth pastor!”

Chris Wigley

Student Minister

First Baptist Church – Burleson, Texas

“Runks has a gifted way of relating to teenagers. He naturally grabs their attention with his witty humor and colorful stories. He can relate to this broken, hurt, and abandoned generation and show them the source of healing and restoration. The transparency Runks implemented into each of his messages tore down barriers around our students hearts and made them much more vulnerable  to both adults and our Savior. Our students left our event, led by Runks, with more than a good memory or a warm fuzzy feeling. Lives were changed that weekend. We had many kids that finally grasped the immeasurable amount of love and grace our Lord offered them and they now have a genuine love relationship with Jesus.”

Lee McClure

Senior High Pastor

Clear Creek Community Church

League City, Texas

“I have known Runks for many years and have the pleasure of partnering with him and his ministry.  Runks is a dynamic speaker with a love for students.  He is not your everyday youth speaker because he wants to be involved in your event and not simply talk and go hang out at the hotel.  He is a genuine man of God and will radically challenge your students to live for Christ.  He is a high energy guy that students will be captivated by.  Please, for the sake of your student ministry, book Runks for your next event!”

Jason T. Atchley

Associate Pastor/Youth Minister

First Baptist Church – Canyon, Texas

Runks brings a fresh approach to reaching students with a stimulating and challenging message!  You will not be disappointed by deciding to work with this ‘crazy’ man of God!”

Gary Grecco

Mason-Dixon Youth for Christ Executive Director – Mega-Conference Program Director

Hampstead, Maryland

“Runks is stoked about God’s Word and awesome at relating it to students. Runks is a great big kid in one minute and revealing the truth of God’s power the next. Runks the real deal for speaking with students because he doesn’t sugar coat scripture – he hits students where they are and allows God to change their lives in a huge way. If you want someone to challenge your students to step up their relationship with Christ – Runks is the best bet.”

Kent Wells

Student Pastor

First Baptist Church – Euless, Texas

“Runks has challenged and energized our ministry on a number of occasions and I have no doubt that he would do the same for yours”

Chris Ryan

Executive Pastor of Innovation

Fellowship of the Woodlands – The Woodlands, Texas

“When booking a speaker for your group, you want to be certain of a number of things. Will this person connect with my students? Will this person be authentic in front of them on stage and with them off stage? Will this person uphold the integrity of God’s Word?  Runks does all of that and more. Your students will want to know when he’s coming back!”

Clay Hopkins

Student Pastor

First Baptist Church – Midlothian, Texas

“Runks is doubled- over, laugh till your stomach and face hurt funny….so that God can blast away at the deep (and so many hidden) hurts that students are struggling with these days. Runks has been broken…and knows the fears and reservations that keep so many of us from being real and broken before Jesus. So, if you want to have your students hear from someone who has met Jesus even in the most terrifying of places…deep in his own soul….then Runks is your guy.”
Chris Little, Pastor
Bear Valley Church
Lakewood, Colorado

“Runks did a great job at our retreats, mixing humorous stories with a solid Biblical foundation to bring a powerful message to our Students.”

James Rock

Program Director

Trout Lake Camp – Pine River, Minnesota

God used Runks in great ways through his message of personal honesty and God’s redemptive power. I was also blessed to see the time he puts into getting to know the students to whom he speaks. I highly recommend using Runks for your next event!”

D. Lowrie

Associate Pastor of Students and Worship

Liberty-Eylau Baptist Church

Texarkana, Texas

“Runks was our speaker for our youth evangelism event this summer called SONFEST. We had over 900 in attendance and Runks did an excellent job of speaking to the hearts of the youth and they responded to him well. He really knows how to speak to today’s youth and I highly recommend him. I will use him again.”

Mark Keith

Evangelism Consultant

Utah/Idaho Southern Baptist Convention

“Everything about Runks communicates with teenagers- his words, his experiences, his attire. Everything.  Runks is essentially the message.  “Force of Nature” accurately describes his presence.  The “force” your students will have to reckon with is the power of God moving in this man’s life.  Runks has been a part of every record breaking event that I have hosted as a Student Minister.  If there is a way to guarantee your event will be successful, my advice is to book the man known as Runks”

Keith Warren

Executive Pastor

Northside Baptist Church – Weatherford, Texas

“Runks can truly relate to students of this generation. He is incredibly gifted in communicating Biblical principles in a unique way. He brings illustrations from his own life, delivers them with humor, bases everything in God’s Word and then relies on God for the results. I have heard Runks speak at our camps and other venues and time and time again, I have seen students moved to accept Christ and challenged to live for Him. There is no doubt that God’s favor is upon Runks”

Dr. Rod Mastellar

Senior Pastor

Summer Grove Baptist Church – Shreveport, Louisiana

“Runks has been one of the premier youth communicators I have had the opportunity to bring into my church, he is insightful, he crosses all cultural barriers. He has a unique ability to push students to their highest potential and spark a flame of change within their life. Runks is truly being used to win a generation to Christ.”

Derek Osburn

Associate Pastor

Central Baptist Church – Clovis, New Mexico

“Runks is a uniquely gifted communicator, especially for the youth culture. He will touch your heart, punch your funny bone and give you practical guidance in living God’s truth in your everyday  life. Don’t miss any opportunity to hear him speak.”

Dan Smith

Executive Pastor

Tri County Church - Du Bois, Pennsylvania

“The first time I met Runks he had students gathered around him and they were loving every minute of it. My own sons love hanging out with him.  He has a crazy,  magnetic personality that draws students to listen to what he has to say. What he has to say in his own  A.D.D. way, is focused on leading students to follow Christ. Runks has totally connected with my students as they hear him speak and spend time with him because he is relevant and real. For 15 years I have seen God use him in an incredible way to lead students to become followers of Christ. Runks will lead your students to find freedom in Christ!”

Doyle Brookshire

Small Groups Pastor

Grace Fellowship – Paradise, Texas