Journal Entry – June 2, 2000

Aaron (my summer intern) and I just finished up our first camp for the Parker County Association at the Heart of Texas Baptist Encampment in Brownwood, Texas. It was an awesome camp! We had students saved every night!!! I’m still gagging from that nasty toothbrush skit!! (check out the pics on the wha’ sup page) It is so cool to have Aaron with me on the road. I honestly believe that the ministry was doubled at this camp because Aaron built some relationships with and ministered to a ton of students that I didn’t have the chance to meet. I was able focus more of my time on preparing to preach because of all the logistical junk that Aaron took care of for me. I am so thankfull to God for providing the means for him to travel with me this summer. It has been a crazy week and God has been good and in about 65 hours we start all over again!! Talk to you next week!.

God bless ya,