I was blogging before blogging was cool….

And then I just quit blogging….  I didn’t call it  a blog back then because  I’d never even heard of a blog.  I don’t know if anybody had.  I just called it my “Online Journal” and had no idea how far ahead of the curve I was.  I don’t know why I quit.  I just did.  It was way before WordPress or blogspot.  Nobody could subscribe or leave comments so I had no idea, at the time, if anybody was even reading it so I just gave it up.  I found out years later that a few people were actually reading and enjoying my old school blog.  I wish I would have known that then, maybe I would have kept it going but oh well,  Whatcha gonna do??

It has been really fun to reread these old Journal posts and walk through the days when I was just getting started in this phase of my ministry.  The posts about my Dad’s cancer and death were especially interesting and I plan to revisit them and look at how things have changed in the 10 years since he passed.  The goofy post about planting all those trees is also funny to me now because those trees are 15 feet tall now and Elli & Nick are nearly grown!  There is a lot of perspective on that one I couldn’t have begun to see at the time.  I’ll revisit these topics, the I Have a Reason stuff, and more in upcoming blogs.

If you want a good laugh check out the Old School Runks.com where these Journal posts were actually posted.  I was doing the website myself and had no idea what I was doing.  It’s so bad it looks like a website straight out of the 8O’s! hahahhahha

I don’t really know how to end this thing so I guess I’ll just “kick it old school” and go out like I did back in the day!

God Bless ya – Runks