Funny Name, Funny Guy, Deep Message???

Funny guy with a Deep message?? Is that even possible?  Can anybody really be funny and at the same time really have something valuable to say??  Apparently a lot of people don’t think so.  I’ve heard a ton of Youth Ministers say that they’re not big fans of “funny speakers” because most funny speakers are just that, funny and not much more.  Funny speakers seem to have a bad rep for not having much of any significance to say.  They blow in, blow up the room with crazy stories & laughter, say a few fluffy bits of truth, and jump right back to more joking around. Honestly, I have to admit I agree.

So why on earth would I choose market myself as a funny guy??  Because that’s simply who I am and for some crazy reason who God wanted me to be.  For some reason God has shaped me through the experiences of my life, some of them painful and some of them simply the result of me being an AD/HD spastic idiot, to be a fun, funny guy.  He has also shaped me through the experiences of my life and the things He has taught me about life and Himself to hopefully have something of value to say.

For me comedy is just a tool that God has blessed me with to illustrate deep biblical truths to teenagers. I try as hard as I can to strike a balance between being really funny and offering deep biblical truths that students can grab a hold of and apply to their lives.  I may not be the funniest guy around but I work hard to be as funny as I can possibly be.  And in the same vein, I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I work hard to engage my mind in my faith by digging into the Word of God and seeking to be as knowledgeable about the Truth as I can possibly be so I can communicate that Truth to hurting teens.  I never want to be funny just to be funny.  I want to be funny with a purpose.  I never want to go on stage just to entertain. I go on stage to enlighten and encourage people with the reality of who Jesus is, how much He loves them, and the difference He can make in their lives.  So, as crazy as it may sound, when I speak to students I simply try to be who I am and who God made me to be – a funny guy with a deep message.

Here is a video I had made to hopefully illustrate who I am, what I’m about, and how I communicate truth. (see more videos here)

God Bless ya – Runks