“Why Runks, Why” – April 25, 2010

Join me now for a little recap of my crazy life on the road I like to call, “Why Runks, Why.”

-Jesus > me Refuge 2010 • First Baptist Church, Portland, TX

-Working with my old friends Josh & Stacy McClary to help them resurrect the Student Ministry in their new church.

-another smaller event with lots of one on one time with more students.

-lots of unchurched teens and 2 of them giving their lives to Christ!

-After the worship and before I preached, Josh had the students come up, lay hands on me, pray for me, and for God to speak to them through me. I’ve never experienced that before and it was AWESOME!!

-A bonfire that required a bazillion feed sacks, enough diesel to run my truck for a week, a leaf blower, & 2 hours to get started!

-Josh transformed into an ice cream sundae. They were gonna do this to me but they couldn’t catch me!


-And last but not least….. The most painful student ministry game I’ve ever seen!



God Bless Y’all – Runks

Why Why Runks, Why???