“Why Runks, Why” – April 18, 2010

Join me now for a little recap of my crazy life on the road I like to call, “Why Runks, Why.”

-I’m Third DiscpleNow • Northview Baptist Church, Lewisville, TX

-Smallest event I’ve done in a while, 45 students, it was really nice to get spend more time with more students than usual.

-Working with my new friend, Nick Gainey, and the Nick Gainey band.

-3 Students giving their lives to Christ and many more coming home to make a fresh start.

-Staying in a hotel with a 24 hour starbucks!

-A highly inappropriate “proposition” from a drunk guy in the hotel lobby. –

-3 boxes of fiber bars and high school boys are not a good combination!

-I actually sang in a karoke contest.  In your worst nightmares you cannot imagine how bad that was!

God Bless Y’all – Runks

Why Why Runks, Why???