“Why Runks, Why” – April 12, 2010

Join me now for a little recap of my crazy life on the road I like to call, “Why Runks, Why.”

– 3-Dnow • First Baptist Church • Allen, Texas

-Hanging out my my college buddy, Billy Baker, and getting to minister to his sons and their group.

-Ministering to several students dealing with incredibly difficult issues and plugging them into the help they need.

-Two meals at my favorite mexican food restaurant on planet earth within 14 hours, Uncle Julio’s!

-An absolutely awesome outpouring of God’s Spirit in the Saturday night service.

-Seeing an incredible amount of students come home to Jesus and turn away from tough sins in their lives.

-playing ridiculously stupid mystery games with a bunch of seniors… “are we in cahoots?”

-learning an incredibly dangerous game involving a pool table, a cue ball, and lots of running!

-Working with one of my favorite Bands: Branch -with the students at The Heights Baptist Church in Richardson, TX on Sunday morning.

-9 students trusting Jesus for the first time on Sunday morning!

God Bless Y’all – Runks

Why Why Runks, Why???