Scarborough Health Network Ona Collective Agreement

Scarborough Health Network (SHN) has recently reached a collective agreement with ONA (Ontario Nurses Association), which will benefit both the nurses and the healthcare system as a whole. This agreement highlights the commitment of SHN towards creating a positive working environment for its nurses, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality patient care.

The agreement, signed on June 25, 2021, includes a four-year term with salary increases of 1.75% per year. It also includes language to improve job security and promote the recruitment and retention of nurses. Additionally, the agreement includes provisions for enhanced vacation time, sick leave, and bereavement leave, which will enhance the work-life balance for the nurses.

The collective agreement also reflects a commitment to address racism and discrimination in the workplace. This includes the creation of a joint committee, composed of ONA and SHN representatives, to address issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The signing of this collective agreement is a significant achievement for SHN and its nurses. It demonstrates the importance of a collaborative approach towards creating a positive work environment and delivering quality patient care. This agreement recognizes the significant contributions of nurses and the value they bring to the healthcare system.

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In conclusion, the collective agreement between SHN and ONA is a significant milestone for both the nurses and the healthcare system. It reflects a commitment to creating a positive work environment, promoting job security and retention, and delivering high-quality patient care. As a professional, it is essential to create content that highlights the significance of this agreement and enhances SHN`s online presence. By doing so, SHN can improve its visibility and engagement with its stakeholders while also contributing to the current healthcare discourse.

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