Opposites Impact!

I cannot believe how blessed I am to have Matt Gierhart helping me with this whole website redo chaos!  Matt is one of my former students from my Youth Minister days who is now older than I was when I was his Youth Minister – trust me its pretty freaky.    He is an absolutely freaky talented, internet marketing, trend spotting GuRu who works with big shot corporations all over the stinkin’ world developing their internet something, something and a bunch of other stuff I don’t understand.  One of his claims to fame is that he was making money off of twitter 2 years ago!  I never even heard of Twitter until 3 weeks ago!  And this is the guy helping me set up a “web presence”… whatever that means.  I can’t believe how cool it is to see who he has become and how perfectly he has found a way to use his God given talent.  Working on this web junk has been a total pain in the patooty but it has been awesome reconnecting with Matt during this process.  If you need any help with this kind of stuff check Matt out here: thenewcelebrity.com.

Gierhart and I are about as opposite as two people can get. About the only thing we have common other than our relationship with Jesus is we both totally love to geek out on the video game series, Resident Evil. In fact, he’s the reason I started playing.  Anyway, we were sitting around working on my web stuff when we started talking about how incredibly different the two of us are when I said, “dude, I could never do what you do” and he responded with, “and I could never DO what you do.” He’s a totally focused, driven, internet junkie entrepreneur and I’m a spastic A.D.H.D goofball, funny preacher guy.  I totally love teenagers and they drive him completely insane.  He can’t get up on a stage and use humor to illustrate biblical truth to teenagers and I don’t know jack about a “web presence” and can’t market anything to save my life yet together we are combining our gifts to impact teenagers for Christ!  Gierhart will have a hand in any life that is touched as a result of this blog.  He’ll have a hand in any life changed at any event I speak at because of this website.  It is one of the coolest illustrations of the Body of Christ I may have ever seen.  Just another really cool thing God is teaching me during this wacky 2k9 plan B summer.

That’s it. I’m out. I’m about to sneak off and geek out on some Resident Evil 5 with my old/new buddy Matt!

God Bless ya! – Runks